My name is Keenan and I started Primal K Fitness to share my knowledge and love of fitness and strength training with others. Throughout the years I’ve trained many different ways and spent countless hours researching, measuring, and tweaking my methods to get the results I want. My formal education background is in engineering (specifically, systems engineering) and I have found that the engineering approach applies very well to fitness. My clients never get cookie-cutter programs and are never blindly told to perform certain exercises. Instead, the training is adapted to the client’s individual needs at that time and continually adjusted as the client’s needs change.


When you train with me, you you will not just be trained, you’ll be taught — what exercises to do, how, and why to do them — so that you get the results you want and keep them. My goal in training clients is to eventually get them comfortable enough to work without a trainer — not to keep them around while I waste their time and money on mediocre results.

If you are interested in receiving personal training, please contact me today to schedule your free consultation. You can also go to the training page and purchase training directly from the web if you are ready to start right away.

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